Dispute Resolution Procedure

Effective May 1, 2012

This policy is intended to address the procedure by which Deca Energy customers can resolve their billing issues.

1. In the event of a billing dispute, the parties will use their best efforts to resolve the dispute.

2. The customer’s billing statement includes the toll-free number 1-855-DECA-365 (1-855-332-2365), by which a customer may contact Deca Energy with inquiries or complains.

3. The customer should contact Deca Energy in writing or at the toll-free number to inform the company of the dispute.

4. Upon receipt of the complaint, a Deca Energy representative will review the disputed charges claim.

5. The customer is obligated to pay the undisputed amount of the bill.

6. Deca Energy will review the dispute and respond within 45 days.

7. Upon completion of the review period, the customer will be informed in writing as to the decision rendered. Any credits or debits will be processed at that time to the customer’s account.

8. If the dispute is not resolved within 45 days, the parties may seek all avenues of relieve as may be available under customer’s contract.